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We offer tailored assignments performed by the researchers and teachers at Linköping University.


Working at
Linköpings University

When a researcher or teacher at Linköping University wants to perform external assignments.


About Spetsa

The aim for Spetsa is that more research should be given practical use and increase collaboration between Linköping University and society. Spetsa is a consulting company based on the knowledge and experience of the employees at Linköping University.

Linköping University has stated its ambition to engage in research that is both scientifically interesting and relevant to society. Spetsa was founded in 2009 and is owned by Linköping University through the Linköping Universitet Holding AB.

Through Spetsa you can offer services in the following areas

Lecture & inspiration

Lecture & inspiration

Generic or customized seminars based on expertise and current research.
Research & Development

Research & Development

Specialist expertise on a consultancy basis for the further development of products, services, methods and processes.


Independent audit to verify or validate the design of a product, service, method or process.

About Spetsa

Spetsa package and deliver services based om knowledge and experience at Linköping University.

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Making use of Knowledge

Spetsa is owned by the Linköping University through the subsidiary LiU Holding AB. Spetsa is working closely with other operations within LiU Holding AB.

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